To whom it may concern,
Professionally, I want only two things out of life; To be creative, and to solve problems.
My name is Dallas, and I'm looking for new opportunities. I (almost) have a degree in advertising, and I've worked in marketing and communications for about three years, but I keep an open mind about what my next move will be.
Whatever that next move is, I know that I want to work somewhere with a worthwhile mission. I don’t want to spend my time pushing a message for something that ultimately won't matter; I want my work to have purpose.
I love strategic communications, research, data analysis, politics, and public policy. If you’ve got an open position with any combination of those involved, and you want to make the world a better place, I want to work for you.
You can take a look at my work here, and drop me a line if you think I might be the right fit for your organization. If you’ve got work worth doing, I’ll show you why I am the one to do it.

- Dallas
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